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Syndication agreements for comic strips and text features are highly specialized. While at Harvard Law School, I wrote my thesis on comic strip syndicate agreements, and you may download it here: Drafting Creator Contracts: A Practical Guide for Syndicates, Creators and Their Attorneys by Stuart M. Rees.  1998. Some of the material is a bit dated, especially since all of the syndicates have been negotiating harder in recent years, but it's still a good place to start.

I've been in solo legal practice since 1999. My practice is centered around syndication contracts for comic strips, comic panels, and text features; greeting card contracts; internet contracts for cartoonists and writers; book contracts (not all fields); book agent agreements (and actually all types of literary agent engagement letters or agency agreements for writers, cartoonists and other artists). My experience as a syndication attorney and as an artist is described in a Los Angeles Daily Journal profile piece. 

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