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Reprint & Original Art

Email inquires to  

Prints:                     Unframed: $150
 Framed: $250

Pencil Sketch:        Framed: $450 and up

Final Ink:                Framed: $450 and up      

Prints                      Available for most cartoons,  and may be sized as requested. 

Original Art:          Typically, there is one pencil sketch and one final ink per published cartoon. 

Pencil Sketch:       Sometimes the drawing comes easily.  Usually, however, pencil sketches are full of faint erased lines and, in the margins, numerous alternative gag lines.  If you want a feel for the process of creation, buy a pencil sketch.

Final Inks:              I redraw pencil sketches with ink so that I have a clean image for scanning.  Some variation is likely between the final ink and the published cartoon because I endlessly tweak images digitally.  Text is handwritten.

Standard Issues:

1.     I will fax or email Pencil Sketches and Final Inks for approval prior to purchase. 

2.     Materials:
Prints: Acid-free; Canson Bristol Smooth; white; 100 lb; 8 inches by 10; HP laser toner ink (rumored to be lightfast, but HP won’t guarantee)
Pencil Sketches: Acid-free; 100% rag translucent Biefang paper; white; 8 inches by 10; drawn with mechanical pencil.
Final Inks: Acid-free, Strathmore Bristol Smooth, 400 Series, white; 8 inches by 10; drawn with India ink (extremely lightfast; ph-neutral) 

3.     Drawings are roughly 6 inches by 6 inches.  Prints are 6 inches by 7 inches.  The paper is 8 by 10.

4.     Each is signed; dedications will be made if clearly reasonable: “To Timmy, Don’t let this happen to you.  Happy Birthday, Stu”

5.     Free FedEx 2-day shipping in the USA; preparing your product takes 0-3 business days.

6.     Frames are 8 by 10; hinge-mounted on acid-free backing and matting; your choice of black-wood or black-metal; glass cover; picture wire.

7.     Conveyance of original art or prints does not include any copyright rights.  Therefore, while you may sell or publicly display the delivered paper itself, any copying or electronic reproduction is strictly prohibited.  




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