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In addition to publishing the law cartoon "Stu's Views," Stu is an entertainment lawyer who represents mostly visual arts creators.   Notably, Stu has represented more than 150 cartoonists in their negotiations with the major newspaper comic strip syndicates, and more than 500 cartoonists and writers total.  

To put it simply, Stu is the lawyer for cartoonists and the cartoonist for lawyers.

Stu is a lifelong fan of newspaper comics, and co-created weekly cartoons for his law school newspaper.  But, it wasn't until early 2002 that he began cartooning in earnest.

Stu graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School.  Prior to law school, he worked for two years at an investment management company and studied finance and portfolio management.

Stu lives in San Diego with his lovely wife and two small children (who rarely sleep).

For more background, please see the front page profile piece from The Los Angeles Daily Journal.




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