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Comic Strips Starting with the Letters U and V

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letters U and V.

Full descriptions for other letters: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-QR-S-T-UV-W-XYZ

U-Boy! by Ryan Yoo.
Usher’s a normal kid going to university.  But for most people, university was never this crazy, or this fun!
Ultra Car by David Willis.
Ultra Car is an "obnoxious pickle-pie-throwing artificially-intelligent car" that torments the humans around it.
Ultra Mega Robot Guys by Nathan Kuruna.
Chronicles the adventures of a group of five, large, super powered, vaguely Japanese- looking robots as they attempt to fight evil and defend the earth and the entire galaxy from whatever menace rears its ugly head.  Weekly. 
Uncle Rebus by Jeff Kaltenbach.
A picture puzzle, featuring your favorite movie quotes and song lyrics. Can you solve without peeking at  the answer? New puzzle daily.
Unhinged...! by Rick Behnke.
An irreverent weekly Web-based cartoon panel.
Unions by Earl Ma.
A very comprehensive site where you can "learn about the Unions, their illustrious history, what makes them tick, an what's in store for the future." Bi-weekly. 
Unlike Minerva by Terrence Marks.
Yet another daily vaudeville cartoon. Complete with plots, jokes and characters. Full strip with continuity.  Mon-Fri.  
Upper Crust by Karin Kaltofen.
A whimsical strip starring down-to-earth world-preservation activist. 'Princess' and her clueless high-society family. Site also features large link index and animated character profiles. Updated 3x/week.
U-Toons by Dan Youra.
An animated picture of a spacecraft. 
Utopia Limited by Rapscallion.
Part political commentary, part slapstick humor, but mostly it is just the demented ramblings of a disturbed mind
Victoria Drive by Bill Ackerman.
The life and times of the eclectic Dowinger clan, celebrating the human condition via a multi-generational, dysfunctional family and its would-be mobster dog.
Viggo by Andre Franquin.
Viggio is the Norwegian name of Gaston Lagaffe, an "episodic humorous strip" from the Netherlands. See also Gaston La Gaffe.
Vocons, The by Carey Orr Cook. Sam Mantics Enterprises.
The VOCONs is a vocabulary comic strip that teaches ‘visual vocabulary’ as a way to make learning new words more fun. They have been published in newspapers weekly. The main characters are verbal play on words: Dick Shinary, Sam Mantics, Cinny Nym, Aunti Nym, Acro Nym, Al Literation and Crossword the Dog. Many categoric features have been created including ‘THE ELECTION’--12 strips, ‘NEWSPAPERS and LITERACY’--11 strips, and THE VOCABULARY of the STOCK MARKET’--17 strips. These have been used extensively by high school and middle school teachers who play the Stock Market Game under the auspice of the SIA-Securities Industry Assn.  
Voices in my Hand by Bill Charbonneau.
Sometimes morbid but always hilarious single-panel comic strip.  MWF. 
Voxpop: Investigative Caricature and Editorial Cartoons by Uku Kasemets.
This is a really cool site and quite attractively designed (although a little slow downloading). Editorial cartoons or illustrations are accompanied by text which take readers deeper into the issue. Quite thoughtful and original. 

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