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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter T

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter T.

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Tall Guy, The by P. S. Mueller.
Tank McNamara by Bill Hinds and Jeff Millar. Universal Press Syndicate.
Sports comic strip.
Tard by Anthony Ellison.
Follow the appealing antics of the loveable TARD as he negotiates his way through the hazards and obstacles of his simple everyday life. This strip is intended for adults only and contains content that may offend. Weekly. 
Techniks Computer Cartoons by Ken Nash.
Single-panel cartoons about computers and technology and their impact on contemporary, high-tech lifestyles. Very quirky and right on the money.  Bi-weekly. 
TenNinetySeven by Scott D. Schurman.
Weekly police and sheriff cartoons (and general mischief) from the guys and gals in black and blue.  
Tero & Ripkin by Clint Sutton.
A comic strip about the life and adventures of two whacky young dinosaurs Tero and Ripkin. The strip blurs between modern time and prehistoric times, where strange and out of the ordinary things can happen. Filled with lovable soft and squishy characters. 
Thadeus and Weez by Charles Pugsley Fincher, J.D.
Delivering political satire with maximum-strength irony.  
Thanks For Nuthin!! by Brad Fitzpatrick.
A fresh new daily online comic strip panel about the unfortunate, intellectually challenged.  Daily. 
Thaddeus by Joe Ekaitis.
Thad Fox, he's just like you. . .except for the red fur coat and a rabbit (Bunn E. Rabbit) for a roommate. Published Tuesday and Thursday. 
TheClayman.com Dimensional Cartoons by Paul Moldovanos.
Virtual free clay cards from TheClayman.com, including portfolio works and the world’s best in cartooning and animation.  Occasional.  
Theophilus by Bob West.
Theophilus is awakened by the Spirit to the unconditional love of God, a personal relationship with Jesus, the reality of demonic forces and spiritual warfare, and the presence of miracles and spiritual gifts. Meanwhile, Sketch and Honey Drawings and their children struggle with religion and family relationships. Jesus will minister to them and to you as you follow the weekly episodes of their spiritual journey.  Fridays.  
They'll Do It Every Time by Al Scaduto.  King Features Syndicate.
Thinking Impaired by Kelsey Doherty.
Series focusing on 8 college friends who are always having fun and playing videogames. Goofy and cynical humor.
This Modern World by Steve Rhodes.
Those Funky Idiots by Tom Cherry.
Follow the adventures of the Wazzo family as they get tackled by life in the 21st century!  MWF.  
Three Gags a Week by Jeff Langcaon.
Three new cartoon gags by Jeff Langcaon every week, plus ‘You Write the Caption,’ where you can submit your own cartoon captions.  MWF.  
Thringst by Larry Rodman. Art Comics Syndicate.
Offbeat panel.
Tiger by Bud Blake.  King Features Syndicate.
TimWit by Tim Peckham. Toronto Sun.
Off the wall (Far Side-ish) look at life, fish, birds, inanimate objects, etc. The basic theme is truth and pain.  Includes a section on how to write a joke.  
Tina's Grove by Rina Piccolo.  King Features Syndicate.
Tkaczyk, Michael V.
Michael is a cartoonist-illustrator available for hire. At this site you can view his gallery of cartoons, illustrations, and caricatures. They are sometimes very extreme and sometimes very subtle satire. "The cartoons are about us, creatures of this world. I make fun of everything and everybody (including me) and of our all characteristics. I like to surprise, make people think and most of all laugh." 
Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen.
This lighthearted panel covers virtually all topics, but some of the favorites include family life, business and the frustrations of technology. This is one of the Web's most popular strips, basically because people have good taste. Daily. It is also on the Stu's Comic Strip Connection daily panels comics page.  His other panel, The Better Half, is syndicated by King Features.
Toe by Robert Bowen.
What would you do if you were a giant walking toe newly introduced to the world?  Would you ponder the existential quandaries of reality? Or just sit and watch 12 hours of The Partridge Family?  Weekly.  
Toles, Tom
Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for The Buffalo News; syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate.
Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling. 
"A comic strip of political and social satire that runs in some, if not many, newspapers across America." 
Tommy & P. J. by Oren Otter.
The strip that combines the imagination of youth with Barlowe's guide to extra-terrestrials.  Weekly.  
Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler.
Beautifully-drawn color comic about a odd guy who is truly the personification of caffine. Too Much Coffee Man is a weekly and quarterly comic about manic obsession, addiction, and unhealthy behavior. It's a book for the whole family. 
Toondale by Matt Glover.
Toonline by Bill LaRocque.
Wonk wit from inside the beltway, Washington, DC.  evolving content and opportunity for cartoon contributions.
Toons by Daniel Rindge.
One panel visual word play or puns.
Top Secret by Charles Stouff.
Political cartoons.
Top Secret Toons by Nathan Fast.
Offbeat single panel gag cartoon.  Weekly.  
Total Eclipsed by Christo Komarnitski.
Color comic panel.  Weekly. 
ToucheToon by Ché Rippinger.
Comics * Relationships * Life * Food * Business.  32 new cartoons monthly. 
Toy Trunk Railroad by Erik Sansom.
This cute Canadian strip revolves around toy trains. Visit with the Red Rocket railroad, plus an assortment of humans characters such as Walt, Mona, Casey. Mon-Fri. 
Trevor the Cat by Jasper McCrea.
Not so subtle, witty 3-panel gags with Trevor the cat and his owner Alan. Weekly.
Trindle & Higgins by Mark Pothier and Ed Colley.
Trindle & Higgins are eccentric professors, isolated from the complications of the real world, at a prestigious but unnamed small New England college. Thanks to their tenure and the comfortable isolation of campus life, they have the time to concentrate on truly important philosophical and scientific matters - like Burt Reynold's hair loss, the wit and wisdom of The Beverly Hillbillies, etc.  Daily, all color.  
Trudy by Jerry Marcus.  King Features Syndicate.
True! by Daryl Cagle.
TRUE Fact Sex Encyclopedia by Daryl Cagle.
Nothing too nasty here, just the jarring truth about sex --from the syndicated cartoon, TRUE!
Tumbleweeds by Tom Ryan.  King Features Syndicate.
"One of the country's classic comic strips. In the weeks and months to come, we will be bringing back to you old fans some of your favorite characters, and sharing past memories. For you others we will be introducing you to the untold story of the old west! At last the suppressed archives have been thrown open to reveal the legend of Grimy Gulch, the Poohawk Nation and the 6 7/8 Cavalry! The epic saga that inspired the immortal words of Buffalo Bill: `Go Figure!'" 
Turkish cartoons by KAR ismail.
Editorial cartoons in Turkish/English. 

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