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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter S

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter S.

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Safe Havens by Bill Holbrook. King Features Syndicate.  
Salad Daze by Dan Wheeler.
A strip which centers on the day-to-day absurdity of everyday family life -- if that family was from Bizarro World.  
Salamander Bits by T. wEieR.
Unique comics, weird daily cartoons, and sunshiny sundries of absurdist mirth. Here you will enjoy the online comic features SOMEDAZE, a ‘Further-Side’ cartoon, SALAMANDER BITS, a bizarre original depicting everyday people, and SOGGY TOAST, a serial geekfest.  Mon-Fri.   
Sally Forth by Greg Howard and Craig MacIntosh.  King Features Syndicate.
Family life strip.
Sam & Silo by Jerry Dumas.  King Features Syndicate.
Sargent, Ben
Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for The Austin American-Statesman; syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner.
A bunch of pathetic and/or strange late teens. No political stances, no morals, and no sappy emotions, just bizarre humor you have to be a terrible human being to truly enjoy.
Say What!? Comic Strip by Elbert Love.
New african american comic strip about a teen ager growing up.. Monthly.  
ScatCat and Sweetbones by M Malisia.
About a cat named SCATCAT trying to get the right job and an aspiring artist dog named Sweetbones.  Weekly.  
Schorr, Bill
Editorial cartoonist for the New York Daily News; syndicated by United Feature Syndicate four times weekly. He says that "humor is the best way I know of to express ideas."
Scoop Hamster by Patrick Stuckey.
Weekly humor cartoon strip in serial form. If it's politically correct, it's a target. If  it's an Icon of popular culture, it's a target. Heck, if it ain't movin', it's a target. 
Scott's Mind by Scott Huot.
Cartoons like a car crash, you know it's going to be twisted but you stop and look anyway. Now with E-cards so you can share the pain.  Fridays.
Screams by Guy Gilchrist.
Screams of FRIGHT! Screams of DELIGHT! A cartoon for the TWISTED, the MONSTER LOVER, and EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS OF ALL AGES! The cartoon changes twice a week. 
Sea Urchins by Jason Whitley.
Sea Urchins is the tale of a man, his wife and 7 children who live on a boat - - and his neighbors.  Weekly. 
Second Nature by Dave Werner.
Features an imaginative child with animal friends that change with every season. Kinda like an underground college version of a Calvin And Hobbes knockoff.  
Secret Agent X9 King Features Syndicate.
Syndicated daily. Large 
Sempai! The Comic Strip! by Tonbo.
The mostly true tales of the Sempai Gang in the land of anime fandom.  
Shekhar Gurera’s Gallery by Shekhar Gurera.
A complete sketch of Indian Politics and Society.  
Sheldon by David Kellett.
A comic strip following the adventures of a ten-year old genius, his talking duck, and their multi-billion dollar internet startup company. Now featuring more fat men in their undies!  
Sherman's Lagoon by Jim Toomey. Creators Syndicate.
Oddball characters in a tropical lagoon. 
Shoe by Jeff MacNelly. Tribune Media Services, Inc.
This major syndicated strip was started by a three (yes, 3) time Pulitzer Prize winner.  The strip is now continued by his assistants.  
Shoecabbage by Teresa Dowlatshahi and David Stanford.  uclick.com
Comic panel which explores words in other languages that sound like words in English. For example, in English a SHOE is a covering for a foot, while in French, "shoe" [spelled: chou] means CABBAGE.
Shoot Me Now by James Kerr. 
The adventures of three men, a woman, and a talking pig. 
Short strips by Teemu Makinen.
About 11 full page strips. Potential to offend. From Finland.
The Silly and The Serious by Rickey Young.
A single panel comic about the everyday seen in a silly and serious way.
Sir by Danie Cronje.
School-related strip by teacher with over 20 years experience. 
Skater:ALEX by Alex Krentzin.
Comic strip concerning the antics  of a ice/rollerblader/figure skater named ALEX.
Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids by Bob Weber. King Features Syndicate
The strip is 10 years old this year and appears in about 400 newspapers. The Web site is easy to use and has a chat room (with scheduled appearances by Bob), a message board, an archive of "best of" strips, and info about the author.
Sludge, The Adventures of an Amorphous Black Spot by Jim Earl and Marty Maceda.
This is the gripping narrative of our hero, Sludge, a shapeless mass of teeming excrement and toxins. A bit dark, weird, and of course sick.
Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams.
Daily serial about twenty-somethings, their talking pets, extradimensional travel, giant robots gone berserk. 
Slylock Fox and Comics For Kids by Bob Weber, Jr.  King Features Syndicate's Slylock site.
Web site based on the syndicated comic strip for young readers titled ‘Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids.’ The site features interactive cartoon mystery puzzles, drawing lessons, archive of daily strip (updated daily).
Small World by Tom Briscoe.
A weekly comic strip on the strange twists of life online and off.  The hero, Tad, is both philosopher and victim of everyday life.
Smallgrey by Richard Dana Interlandi.
A small green alien, a sexy Venutian, a tormented Martian, 3 cats, the Lorang, and a 'primitive' man live their lives in Cydonia, Mars.
Snake by Gary L. Stair.
Good panel strip. 
Snake's Home Page by Gary L. Stair.
"The meaningless musings of an old man who's had too many failed loves and bad hotdogs." 
Snapshot Cartoons by Patrick Pritch.
Daily panel cartoon of general humor. No particular slant but animals seem appear in my panels on a regular basis.  
Snicker's by Debra Boniface.
A one panel strip whose only intent is to amuse the reader with off-beat humour.   Monthly.  
Snobs Daily Art Comics Syndicate.
This page features the current day's strip by each member of the Art Comic Syndicate: Art Comics Daily, Flashers!, Groups, THRINGst, Relatives (Tues.), and True Artist Tales (Wed). Monday thru Sat.
Soap On A Rope by Bob Roberds.
A comic strip, updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, about a hapless sap (and sapless hap) named Max Slacker and his merry band of ne’er-do-wells. Drawn in a (usually) four-panel format. Journey along with Max and his palz as they float thru the capsizing Indonesian ferry ride called ‘life’.
Somedaze by T. wEieR.
Oddball, zany, and pseudo-intellectual gag panel cartoon. Bi-weekly.
Soft Targets by James Koput. A Web Comics strip.
A strip inspired by punk rock and lots of other harmful influences. Not for the kiddies. 
Some Freaky Tuna by Eric Fox.
An irreverent, reality-based weekly comic with an edge. Or something. 
Sorrentino, S.A.
See some of this cartoonist's panel strips.
Spare Parts by Frank Page.
Just about a guy and his imaginary friends who like to swear and drink all his soda... Mondays. 
Speed Bump by Dave Coverly. Creators Syndicate.
In "Speed Bump," life is a little off-beat.  Active cultures in yogurt play tennis and jog. Sumo wrestling becomes pseudo-wrestling. And Larry leaves Agnes in order to deliver babies through the countryside during his mid-wife crisis. This guy's good.
Spifficated by Wardell Brown.
A tale of an insane world.  Weekly. 
Spoontoons by Jost Keller and Oliver Wuensch.
Interactive sexy cartoons, drawn in a Bill Ward kind of way. 
Spooner by Ted Dawson.  United Feature Syndicate. 
Daily strip of Spooner and Roxanne discovering life after marriage. 
Spork by Sylvan Migdal.
George W. Bush, Gonad the Barbarian, and a rabbit named Pantagruel.  It doesn't get much worse than this, folks.  Daily.  
Spouting Nonsense by Mike South.
Features the spectacularly mundane adventures of J. Timothy McSwain, his lovely wife Tamara, and his friends Todd, Reuben, and Simon -- fellow members of the band Spouting Nonsense.  Mon-Fri.  
Squinkers by Sandra Lamb.
A sniddley new comic strip about life in a country bed & breakfast. Slightly dry and tweakish humor with overtones of sheer spledoforous grimble.  Daily. 
S.S.D.D by Alan Foreman.
Two college students and a loafer friend  share a large house. One is a fox, one a hare and the last a large, ugly, neurotic rabbit sadist.   
Staggering Heights by Joe Forkan.
A strip from the Tucson Weekly. 
Stahler, Jeff
Editorial cartoonist for the Cincinnati Post; syndicated by Newspaper Enterprise Association four time weekly. He says that "cartooning has a certain healing quality. It challenges you to understand both sides of an issue and see a common bond." 
Stan ‘n’ Isaac by Jeff Swenson.
A short African American kid is best friends with a white computer nerd, (probably of Swedish decent). They face the perils of a strange neighborhood and sometimes stranger neighbors.  Daily. 
Star Crossed by Barry Corbett.
The story of two star-crossed lovers. There is a twist in that larger forces are at work...a mythical battle between the forces of good and evil.  Weekly. 
Stein, Ed
Editorial cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News. He says that he goes "for the capillary rather than the jugular with cartoons that stay with the reader after the immediate laugh is gone."
Steve Roper and Mike Nomad by John Saunders and Fran Matera.  King Features Syndicate. 
Stone Soup by Jan Eliot. Universal Press Syndicate.
Meet middle-aged Val and her family in this gentle strip "about love, parenting, relationships, and the friends we can't choose-- our relatives.
Strange Brew by John Deering.  Creators Syndicate.
With an editorial cartoonist's eye for the outrageous, John Deering has created one of the hottest new cartoon panels in recent years. Combining terrific art and witty insight, Strange Brew is a recipe for laughter.
Strange Breed by Steve Langille.
Wacky, off beat, single panel cartoons.   Updated  Sunday and Wednesday!   
Stromoski, Rick
Rick's humorous illustrations and gag cartoons have appeared in prominent newspapers and publications nationwide. 
Stytoons by Lee Styron.
Panel cartoons about anything under the Sun.  Weekly. 
Suburban Jungle, The by John Robey.
Life, loves, and career of aspiring supermodel and ferocious predator, Tiffany Tiger. 
Superosity by Chris Crosby.
Daily, full color humor strip about a guy who wears a costume and cape for no apparent reason, a convenience store clerk, a cocker spaniel dog, a scheming teenager, a super-intelligent board-shaped creature, and the apartment building they share. It can be described as a mix between BLOOM COUNTY, GARFIELD, and THE SIMPSONS.   
Syd N' Arley by Trever Barker.
Gay comic strip dealing with family situations,  not involving politics.  Weekly. 
Sylvia by Nicole Hollander.  Tribune Media Services.
One of the leading syndicated strips featuring womens' perspectives.

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