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Comic Strips Starting with the Letters Q and R

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letters Q and R.

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?up by Andre.
The dirty lowdown from Tinseltown.’What-up’ weekly comments what’s new with celebrity newsmakers in television, movies, politics, and sports.
Quality Time by Gail Machlis.  
Single panel cartoon dealing with relationships, children, life in the 90s. 
Quigmans by Buddy Hickerson. LA Times Syndicate.
Quirked by Dave Koehler.
The idea for Quirked is derived from a definition of quirk: a peculiarity of action or behavior. Contrary to what is seen on TV, where the characters bring trouble upon themselves through stupidity, selfishness, or other bad traits, the Quirked characters are smart. Nevertheless, they are still constantly ‘quirked’ by the people around them, society, and each other. The main characters are Evan, Lia & Clay. Evan and Clay are roommates, Lia and Evan are a couple and they all work together. They often share in the absurdities of others. One more thing to make it interesting, Quirked is also 3D rendered. 
Radical Chic.
Brazilian strip in Portugese. 
Ralf Ryder by Bill Smith and Lynn Carlson. Pacific Rag.
"This little comic gives new meaning to `Lost in Space.'"
Random Shots by Rand Carlson. The Rand Tucson Weekly.
Rall, Ted Universal Press Syndicate.
This Pulitzer-nominated editorial cartoonist is worth the download. This Pulitzer-nominated editorial cartoonist is worth the download.  Also, check out his personal Web site at www.rall.com --it's your one-stop source for his cartoons, columns and stuff you'll only find there, including how to order books and special projects that have never been published anywhere else.
Razz-Ma-Tazz by Reggie Thomas.
A zany look at the fun of just being a kid and includes some very unusual neighborhood animal mascots. Weekly.  
Reality Check by Dave Whamond. United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
"A wacky vision of the world that exposes the hidden hilarity of ordinary situations." Panel.  Daily.
Real Life Adventures by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich. Universal Press Syndicate.
Red Meat by Max Cannon. Rand Tucson Weekly.
Odd strip running in a number of alternative and student papers.  Weekly. 
Red and Rover by Brian Bassett.  Washington Post Writers Group.
Redeye by Bill Yates and Mel Casson.  King Features Syndicate.
Reverend Fun by Dennis ‘Max’ Hengeveld.
Religious cartoon. M-F. 
Rex Morgan, M.D. by Woody Wilson & Graham Nolan.  King Features Syndicate. 
Reynolds Unwrapped by Dan Reynolds.  Eastern Feature Syndicate.
Great new website by the creator of "Over the Edge"!  Daily.  
Rhymes with Orange by Hilary B.Price.  King Features Syndicate.  Personal site.  
Ricky's Tour by Mike Jones.
A not-so serious look at life in the Navy.
River and the Weird Kid by M. Atkinson.
A gentle but weird kid, Roger, is led through childhood by River, an inquisitive and mischievous raccoon. This strip is an unfortunate collision of sharp art and odd writing. But hey--people like it!  E-mail.
Roadkill Bill by Ken Avidor.
Roadkill Bill is a  comic strip about cars, philosophy and technology from the perspective of a frequently squashed rodent...Weekly. 
Roadrage by Christie Eddlemon.
Car wars....the battle commuters fight to get to work and the wacky people who
get behind the wheel.   Bi-weekly. 
Robrucha Cartoons by Robert Chambers.
Over 50 years cartooning and has been published around the world.   Most cartoons are aviation related, but single panel cartoons published as well.  His work has been published in : Saturday Evening Post, Stars and Stripes, Changing Times, Private Pilot, Pacific Flyer, Popular Flying (UK), and he does the monthly back page cartoon for KitPlanes Magazine.  Occasional. 
Rogers, Rob
Editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; syndicated by United Feature Syndicate four times weekly. He says that "If I beat someone over the head with an opinion, all they walk away with is a sore head. If I can make them laugh, I know I've reached them."
Room For One More by Brittany Greatbear.
Three furry college-age girls live and work in a house that's much too big.  Highly surreal, in the tradition of "The Changing Workplace".  Black and White, updated as daily as possible.
Rose Is Rose by Pat Brady. United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
Two parents and their young child experience "the loving humor found in family life." The strip "embodies the '90s mood of wholesome family values, spirituality and respectful appreciation of nature."  Daily.  E-mail.
Cartoons by Royston by Royston Robertson.
Gag cartoons by UK freelance Royston Robertson, published in Private Eye, Punch, New Statesman, the Times and more.  Occasional.  
Rubes by Leigh Rubin.  Creators Syndicate.
Rubes is a single-panel daily cartoon featuring absurd humor and bizarre characters. Leigh Rubin's drawings are always off-beat, whether they feature talking cows, not-so-bright kids or any other variety of flora and fauna.
Rudy Park by Darrin Bell and Theron Heir.  United Feature Syndicate.
Full-color weekly strip about the search for meaning in modern life, starring a naive 20-something bus-boy at a cybercafe.  

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