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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter O

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter O.

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Object Recognition via Image Invariants by Pawan Sinha.
On-line version of a student's poster presentation of a 52 page Larry King, Bill Clinton interview. Lots of inlined images.
Odd Jobs by Tim Broderick.
Weekly adventure, story strip.
Off the Mark by Mark Parisi. Atlantic Feature Syndicate.
Cool offbeat panel.
Ohlin, Frederick
Archive of four panel strips in Swedish, I think.
Old Motherboard's Tranquillity Haven by Roger Penwill.
A great toon about the computer world, and its "interface" with the real one. 
Oliphant, Pat
Pulitizer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for Universal Press Syndicate. Oliphant is the most widely-syndicated editorial cartoonist in the world. "Politically, Oliphant is an equal opportunity offender," though slightly left-leaning. "The trademark of Oliphant's cartoons is a tiny character called Punk the Penguin, whom he usually draws in a corner of the drawing to point out an irony or just to get the last laugh."  
Olivier Flap by Dirk Arend.
A comic for kids from 6 til 10 years old.  Monthly.  
Omar by Omar Perez.
Caricatures of all kinds.  
On the Fastrack by Bill Holbrook.  King Features Syndicate. 
On the Outskirts by Dennison Rey and Bobbi Sturgeon.
Dark humor in a light setting on the outskirts of imagination that has been hailed as "... the darker side of Gary Larson..."  Weekly.
One Big Happy by Rick Detorie. Creators Syndicate.
A comic strip with the unique ability to capture childhood and the extended family so realistically you have to laugh out loud. Everyone knows a precocious little girl like One Big Happy's Ruthie.
ORG Shots by Frank Monahan.
Single panel cartoon poking fun at management and corporations.
Original Cartoon Art by Mark J. Cohen.
This amazing site offers for sale the original cartoons from dozens of today's top cartoonists. Basically, if you have some favorite cartoon in your cubicle or on your refrigerator, Mark will check with the cartoonist to see if the original drawing it is still available. For those people with both money and a love for cartoons, this is your site. The rest of us can enjoy looking through the online samples.
Orville... by Albert Peña and Richard Tackett. Praisenet.
"Orville" is about friends and about being yourself by seeing life through your own point of view. Sometimes our closest friends can be our worst and best friend (at the same time) and it's our relationship with the people we're the closest to that makes our life full! The main character, Orville, is a squirrel obsessed with flying. The only problem is that he can't; he's just not a flying squirrel, as Archie, his faithful co-pilot, is all too quick to point out! Orville and friends live in Hodges Pond. . . a place where ordinary can take on a whole new twist because the residents are anything but ordinary!
Otoons by Devakrishna Marco Giollo.
Comic site on meditation, the search for truth, and linked sites related to OSHO and to his friends - with free download of a full 100 images story: the Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair.
Out of the Gene Pool by Matt Janz.  Washington Post Writers Group.
Over the Hedge by Michael Fry and T. Lewis. Hosted by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
"R.J., a mischievous raccoon, and Verne, his philosophical best-buddy turtle" star in this strip where nature and suburbia meet. 

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