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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter M

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter M.

Full descriptions for other letters: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-QR-S-T-UV-W-XYZ

MacKay Editorial Cartoons by Graeme MacKay.  The Hamilton Spectator.
Archived collection of editorial cartoons from The Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  
Mad At the World by Joon Park.
A story of hypersensitive liberal with some pent up Asian American militant angst.
Madden the Scientist by Adam Barnett.
One manís heartwarming quest for world domination, and the chicken who would call him friend.
Maggie, Inc. by Jackie Urbanovic and Michelle Massman.
Welcome to the Official Web site for Maggie, Inc. The first cartoon strip to depict the joy, frustration, success and craziness of being a woman business owner.  
Magola by Adriana Mosquera.
A feminist woman -- en Espanol.  Daily. 
Mahadare the Cartoon by "Dr. Mahadare".
Editorial & Politcal Cartoon Satire on Asian Politics & Current Affairs.
Making It: A Survival Guide For Today
A comic strip related to business. Appears nationwide. Archive and current strips are updated or changed weekly. Current Strip.
Mallard Fillmore by Bruce Tinsley.  King Features Syndicate.
Mama's Boyz by Jerry Craft. King Features Syndicate.
Mama's Boyz follows the lives of the Porters, an African-American family that lives in a large city. Pauline is a widow who divides her time between raising her two teenaged sons, Tyrell and Yusuf, and running the family bookstore. Other characters include Pauline's brother and her parents. 
The Manager Explains... by Michael O'Connell.
The explanations of a soccer club manager who manages a very poor team.
Manara, Milo (tribute site with cartoonist's input)
"Everything about the great Italian comic-strip writer, with images, exclusive news, projects and retrospectives."
Mandrake the Magician by Lee Falk and Fred Frendricks.  King Features Syndicate.
Many Deaths of Norman Spittal, The by Jeremy Banx.
Strips with a weird or sick edge, or both.
Margulies Editorial Cartoons by Jimmy Margulies.
Award-winning editorial cartoonist for the The Bergen Record of Hackensack, N.J.; syndicated nationally by King Features. Daily.  He also works freelance. 
Mariano, Julio
Professional Brazilian editorial cartoons.
Mark 700 by Brian Dunning.
Mark 700 is a peace loving individual, who, through no fault of his own, is frequently beset by cowardly and unwarranted attacks from generic assailants who appear to have no particular motive. Bi-weekly.
Mark Trail by Jack Elrod.  King Features Syndicate.
Marley by Steve Ryan.
Marley is the new hit sports comic strip by Steve Ryan and a group of acclaimed stand-up comedians. Based on Steve’s real life border collie, Marley romps through every sport imaginable. 
Marlo Marmalade
"Stories, cartoons and other tidbits" about Marlo Marmalade (cybercat) and JJ Jamm (cyberdog).
Marmaduke by Brad Anderson. Hosted by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
The lovable, troublemaking dog Marmaduke and his human family. Panel.  Syndicated daily.
Married-Life by David Bailey and Nikolai Bird.
A walk on the wild side of married-life tackling the big issues of sex and marriage with humor - updated Sundays and Wednesdays.
Martin's Misdirection by James Burks.
A struggling magician named Martin and his rabbit Thurston.
Martin Mystere by Alfredo Castelli. Sergio Bonelli Editore.
An Italian adventure strip, soon to be translated in USA. Hero Martin Mystere deals with mysteries in the style of "Chariots of the Gods" (Alien life, megaliths, secret sects, etc). Monthly. 
Mark Trail by Jack Elrod.  King Features Syndicate.
Marty Cubic by Joe Caramagna.
Marty Cubic is your very average, yet very lovable, paranoid neurotic who lives above his parents' garage in Oakwood Ridge, NJ. His psychoanalyst, a strict Freudian named Dr. Vanderhoof, is a foreign scientist who is classified as "mad" by some.
Marvin by Tom Armstrong.  King Features Syndicate.
Mary Worth by John Saunders and Joe Giella.  King Features Syndicate.
Mason Darrow, non-profit lawyer by John Klossner.
The adventures of an everyday lawyer who helps everyday people with everyday problems. Everyday.
Master Zen-Dao Meow by Patrick Schaefer and Bret Ward.
Master Zen-Dao Meow is a cosmic cat, zen-master wannabe, on a quest to solve a mystic riddle (koan). In a past life, he was a zen detective with the firm of Spirit & Meow.   Join him on the case of The Maltese Mandala.   Weekly.  
Math Comics
A pretty good archive of math related comics and cartoons collected from many sources. 
Matt & Austin by  Matt Gillmore and Austin Tate.
Matt and Austin are two regular guys lampooning the world they live in.  M&A is drawn in Flash, and has a web browser type format, allowing animations, full color, and any number of frames needed to tell the joke.  Weekly. 
Matt & Maynerd by Jamie Reynolds.
Charming cartoons of two fellas traveling around the United States finding their way into different newspapers along the way.  
Matters Not by Matt Bodkin.
A weekly strip about things that matter, things that donít, and one manís attempts to juggle it all....
Michael McDonnell Cartoonist / Illustrator
Editorial cartoons by Canadian cartoonist Michael McDonnell, and Canadian Humourist Tim Cerantola. The cartoons are frequently Canadian in theme, but World news, and other non-news issues will often inspire the guys. The cartoons appear in a variety of Canadian newspapers, sometimes under the title "Satire (Ink)". 
Mikula, Mike
Online portfolio of a very funny guy.  
Mixed Blessings by Paul Merklein.
Saints and sinners, priests and punks - they're all here every week in blazing black & white!  
Mixed Myth by Robin Meyer.
An online fantasy comic with a consistent plot that pokes fun at the cliches of the genre.
Mo Paul Institute of Fine Art by Mo Paul.
Freelance cartoonist. Irreverant Editorial Cartoons, and non-political toons. 5 new toons a week. Also: Caricatures, Portraits, and Illustrations. Cartoons made to order. 
Moderately Confused by Jeff Stahler.  Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc.
Modern Wonder
by Peter Oakley.
Single-Panel Social Commentary. New cartoons the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.
Modesty Blaise Tribute to Peter O'Donnell.
Lots of information and a few samples of this early comics heroine. 
Modesty Blaise Homepage in Finnish.
Momma by Mell Lazarus. Creators Syndicate.
The comic strip Momma centers around the sometimes urbulent but always loving relationship between Sonya Hobbes and her son Francis. Creator Mell Lazarus says he based the Sonya character on his own mother, Frances -- but Sonya could be just about anyone's mother.  
Monkey King, The by Ding Ye.
Unique offering & art.  Based on a true story of a Chinese monk, Xuan Zang, who travelled on foot to what is today India to seek for the Sutra, the Buddhist holy book.
Monty by Jim Meddick. Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc.
Formerly "Robotman", this comic now focuses on the geeky character Monty and his friends. 
Moose Miller by Bob Weber.  King Features Syndicate.
Mostly Business by Ted Goff.
A great daily panel cartoon relating to the business world. M-F.
Mother Goose and Grimm by Mike Peters. Tribune Media Services.
Major syndicated strip about Grimm (dog), Mother Goose, and Atilla (cat). The strip often substitutes an offbeat panel for the main characters. Syndicated daily. 
Mr. Boffo by Joe Martin. Universal Press Syndicate, Inc.
Major syndicated offbeat panel starring Mr. Boffo. Daily.  You can also get strips from the official Universal Press site.
‘Mr. Chuck Show’, featuring Ned and Stumpy, The by John Myers.
Mr. Chuck is a dog. He’s got a TV Show. The strip bounces between the on-air skits and off-air interactions of Mr. Chuck and his cast off characters. 
Mr. Invader by Justin Stahlman.
When a non-communicative alien moves in next door and makes crop circles with his lawnmower, re-paints the house with moons and starsand erects a mysterious ancient statue from Easter Island in the yard, it's difficult to be a good neighbor. 
Mr. Lowe by Mark Pett.  
Comic strip about an inexperienced fourth-grade teacher and his trials inside and outside the classroom.  
Mr. Oblivious by Mark Gonyea.
Mr.Oblivious is a quirky little cartoon about a man who just doesn't get it. He never had it, he'll never find it.   Bi-weekly. 
Mr. Zip-It by Frank Bouchard.
Mr Zip-It, a man with a zipper going down his face, goes on crazy, fun-filled adventures with his best friend, Fred. Including mind-boggling situations and great story lines.  Weekly.
Muddle America by Bob Gorrell and Gary Brookins.
Politically Incorrect (G-rated) Cartoons. 3x/week. Large archive. 
MUDPack, The by Chris Caines and Nick White.
A Ďday in the lifeí comic strip of geeky on-line gamers. Colour, 6 pane. Midweek colour strip, usually IT orientated.  Weekly.  
Mungbean Soup by Gus Gordon.
Surfers and their laid-back life.  Mungbean is the world's biggest philosopher.  
Muse, The by Ernest Slyman.
The Poet’s Comicstrip. It depicts the bumpy relationship between writer and muse. A sort of adversarial relationship. Strained you might say. 
Mutts by Patrick McDonnell.  King Features Syndicate.

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