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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter L

This page gives a full description for all comic strips starting with the letter L.

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Lack of Focus by James T. Norman.
A premier single panel cartoon of bizarre humor.  Monthly. 
La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz.
Political cartoons.
Lame Comic by Brad Smith and Kyle Clever.
Pschizophrenic humor.   Cartoonist changes daily, which leads to great randomness. An Evil Pope, a cute Y2K bug, etc. 
Lao Fu Zi (aka Old Master Q)
Tribute page to Lu Xun's old Chinese comic. 
Larry Leadhead by Eric Hotz and Doug Hamm.
Larry Leadhead is the only comic strip on the planet dedicated to tabletop (war)gaming -- Larry and his friends are your typical gamers. 
LawComix by Charles Pugsley Fincher, J.D.
Law cartoons rated for general audiences and for hard-core law personnel. 
Lemun Drops by James Ulmen.
Some might describe this strip as the not-quite-black-but-certainly-a-darker-shade-than- most sheep of the online comics family.   However, there are no sheep or any other grazing animals. Occasionally there is a monkey, but that's it.   Daily.  
Lemont Brown by Darrin Bell.
Hilarious strip about life in our times, starring a racially diverse cast. An irreverent look at current events and society. Daily. 
Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho.  Creators Syndicate.
A private animal sanctuary for creatures who have lost their natural habitats - or their minds, Liberty Meadows is a former college cult favorite that's hit it big.
Lilí Pengy by BLAZO!
Satirical cartoon exposing our socially corrupt and morally reprehensible world through the mouths of cute, fuzzy and highly dysfunctional creatures and the eyes of one enlightened penguin.
Limpidity by Po Shan Cheah.
A fox and a bunny  live in modern suburbia. Mostly topical gags and puns.  
Little Man Cartoons by Monta Elkins.
A few panels about the Little Man who makes computers work. 
Little Orphan Annie
"This site contains numerous articles, images, and a complete story from 1937."
Lobster Aliens by Brad M. Hacken
Just your average film-noir/sci-fi/comedy/farce about a detective and his sidekick out to stop the evil man-kidnapping aliens disguised as a retro 1980's "save the lobsters" organization.
Lockhorns, The by John Reiner and Bunny Hoest. King Features Syndicate, Inc.
London's Times by Rick London
Very good nationally published offbeat panel toons. Daily. 
Look What I Brought Home! by Scott Kuehner and Amanda Kuehner.
The adventures of two misshapen, ugly women in their never-ending quest for love.  Daily.
Loon News:The Comic Strip! by Eric Paul Johnson.
A complete description of the strip, archived toons, and a link to the toon site is at www.loonnews.com.
Loose Nuts by Steve Skelton.
Off beat panel. 
Los Kitos by Martha Montoya.
Los Kitos ("toons" for cartoons in Spanish), the fastest-growing Hispanic cartoon strip, features five characters who happily and energetically communicate positive ideals in both Spanish and English. The comic strip is published in more than 225 newspapers worldwide.  Daily. 
Luann by Greg Evans. United Feature Syndicate.
The adventures of the teenage girl Luann as she grows up.
Luc's Comics by Luc Leplac.
Follow the adventures of Luke the Belgian kid in an autobiography. 
Lumpy Custard by Mark Lynch.
Daily panel dealing with the bizarre side of humor.

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