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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter J

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter J.

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Jackson Beaver by Randy McIlwaine.
Jackson Beaver is probably not suitable for all audiences -- it's a kind of 'daily observances' panel featuring a one-legged, cigar smoking beaver. As Jackson says, "Nature ain't always pretty." Published Wednesday.
Jane's World by Paige Braddock.
Jawtoons by Jeff A. Wall.
JAWTOONS are an assortment of single-panel cartoons and comic strips.
Jeff Turtleís Turtleshop by Henning Geiler.  Pinpoint-Graphics Ltd., Germany.
Jeff Turtle is the hero of the weekly updated True Turtle Stories. Cool, green and rather slow. He joins the Army as a steel helmet, doesnít like his new job at the supermarket downtown and wonders about the Velociraptorís egg... at times... Published online in German and English. Soon to come: Swedish and Spanish.  Mondays. 
Jerkcity by Rands Pantalones.
The adventures of the Jerkcity Players: rands, pants, deuce and spigot!
JoBeth by BJ Hiorns.
The life of JoBeth, a stereotypical blonde college student who lives in her own little world where others rarely, if ever, manage to intrude. Stunning insights, intelligent decisions, and well-thought-out debates...nope! None of that here!   Weekdays. 
The Joke's On You by Phil Ryder.
A daily cartoon caption contest where you try to come up with a better punchline that Phil does! Mon-Fri.
Judge Parker by Woody Wilson and Harold LeDoux.  King Features Syndicate.E-mail.  
Jump Start by Robb Armstrong. United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
"Joe and Marcy Cobb . . . are a young, hard-working African American couple" with a baby daughter, Sunny.  Syndicated daily. Two week archive. E-mail United Media's webmaster.
Just Another Vice by Roger Sims.
A daily strip starring a group of drunken animals who tackle only the issues that interest them.  Daily.  
Just Turned Teen by Melissa Malisia.
Itís an important time in life, going from 12 to thirTEEN. Mandy knows that all too well dealing with her little brother Ray. She canít wait to grow up even if itís five years away. Join us for the laughs and sorrows of Just Turned Teen!  Mondays.  

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