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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter H

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter H.

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Hagen Cartoons by Christophe ‘Hagen’ Granet.
Single-panel cartoons for Newsletters, Magazines and Weekly Newspapers.   Weekly.  
Hagar the Horrible by Chris Browne.  King Features Syndicate.
Half-Empty by AM Alberts.
Single-panel strip of general wacky humor. The characters consist of a diverse cross section of the general public. Half-Empty makes light of life's minor inconveniences and the trails and tribulations of daily existence.  Monthly.  
HallToons by Ed Hall.
The home page of political satirist Ed Hall, a freelance cartoonist for a circulation of weekly papers in Northeast Florida.   His home paper is The Baker County Press in Macclenny. His work has been featured in the Washington Post Weekly Edition, and he has won several state and national awards.  
Hardy, Donna
Cartoons about family life, social issues and local editorial cartoons.
Hazel by Ted Key.  King Features Syndicate.
Heathcliff by George Gately. Creators Syndicate.
Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet by Peter Zale.  Tribune Media Services.
This strip is "about the glamour of the information age, focusing on a beautiful and brilliant computer geek named Helen Arianna Nichols who runs the electrical systems for Kirby-Martin Corp. Helen, friends and co-workers inhabit an intense world where humor is as necessary as a good ethernet."
Hell Sweet Hell by Jae Ehrenhaft.
Line art styled comic featuring some of the denizens of hell.  Daily.  
Hero Xero - A Free Sci-Fi Comic by Josh Roberts.
Can Xero save humanity from a mysterious space beast and his ruthless horde of 100 quadrillion evil space soldiers?!  Occasional. 
Hey, Professor by Kevin J. Guhl.
The adventures of a college professor with unconventional ways and a penchant for odd inventions.  Weekly.  
Hi and Lois written by Greg & Brian Walker; drawn by Chance Browne.  King Features Syndicate.
Hill and Dale by Kevin Kantola.
Hill & Dale comic strips and cartoons are about a couple of preteen best friends who bicker like an old, married couple. Weekly.  
Hippy and Pop by Pete Murphey. 
Syndicated strip starring Alan Mcklusky, a baby boomer fighting retain his '60s sensibilities as he copes with middle age, the new millennium and his cantankerous father, Eugene, who just moved in.
Hip Shot by Andy White.
Single-panel gag cartoons.  Laughs guaranteed or double your money back! (Applies to free cartoons only!)  Daily. 
Hobnob Inn by Paige Anderson.
Hobnob Inn is a daily strip featuring a wide variety of characters living in or around a ‘bed ‘n breakfast.’ This is one of the longest running features on the Internet and has won many awards for both art and content. Enjoy! Daily.
Hog & Mrs. PURL by Sherwood Schwartzemail.
Cartoon about sex, relationships, and married life.  Weekly.  
Hogan's Alley edited by Tom Heintjes.
This fantastic inside source for information about comic strips will entertain fans and cartoonists alike.  There are many essays on the comic art form (historical appreciations, artist biographies, critical assessments), a few essays considering art instruction, and interviews with prominent people in the cartoon world. 150+ pages. The greatest value of Hogan's Alley is the documentation of work that might be dismissed or forgotten; this publication reverses the popular conception that cartoon art is disposable, simply because it so often appears in a disposable medium.  I strongly recommend subscribing.  
Holbert, Jerry
Editorial cartoonist for the Boston Herald; syndicated by United Feature Syndicate four times weekly. He says that he thinks of himself as a "political harpoonist. My job is to stick it to the big fish, liberal or conservative."
Homefolks by Vladimir Kolarov.
Comic strip syndicated worldwide. A few samples are available. 
Hotendotey by Roy Fisher.
Nobel Prize-winning toilet humor for the 11 year-old in everyone. 
The Hots by Nina Paley and Stephen Hersh. King Features Syndicate.
Housebroken by Steve Watkins.  Tribune Media Services.

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