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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter F

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter F.

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Falling Dream, The by Greg Tuft.
Obsessively tackles issues relating to our popular culture, political system, and social mores.  Also features monkeys, aliens, and exploding clowns.  Weekly.  
Family Circus, The by Bil Keane.
Far Side, The by Gary Larson.
This strip was the king of offbeat panels. Here are some tribute sites.
Farcus by David Waisglass and Gordon Coulhart. 
Cool panel related to business issues.  
Farley on the Gate by Phil Frank. Hosted by The Gate.
"San Francisco's animal instinct" strip.
Fat Boy and Little Man by Erik Max Francis.
Felix the Cat maintained by David A. Gerstein.
Impressive tribute site that covers everything about Felix the Cat, including his time as a comic strip. There are a few samples of the old strip. 
Fell, Paul. Lincoln Journal Star.
Editorial cartoons.
The Feral Eye by Terry Sedgwick.
Single panels by Australian cartoonist Terry Sedgwick.
Ferd'nand by Henrik Rehr.  United Feature Syndicate.
Fetus-X by Eric Millikin and Casey Sorrow.
Dark humor, experimental artwork, radical politics, and splashes of violent horror.  That is both a warning label, and a description of the comic.  
Fevertown by Matthew E Dawson.
Chock full of satire and detailed drawing.  Weekly. 
FEW and FAR Between by Joda Thayer.
The FEW and FAR Between are a bunch of colorful and childlike characters scattered around three neighborhoods (the Desert, the Swamp, and the icy Poles). Their adventures often find them tangled up in the curtain that divides the mythical from the mundane. 
Follows, Dave. The Very Idea.
Professional freelance cartoonist. Cool samples available.
The Fiascoverse by Don Simpson. Fiasco Comics Inc.
Comic book creator Don Simpson's ongoing saga featuring Megaton Man, Cowboy Gorilla, Gower Goose, Yarn Man and X-Ray Boy as they travel through The Fiascoverse and meet the many strange and off-beat people who dwell there. Exclusive to the Internet--print publication scheduled for 1997. Megaton Man's hysterical adventures are classic lampoons of superhero cliches, as well as being charming in their own right. This beautifully-drawn series brings Megaton Man from the world of comic book over to comic strips. 
Fiore, Mark
Editorial cartoons published nationally. Weekly on Monday.    
Flash Gordon by Jim Keefe. King Features Syndicate.  
FLASHERS! by Elliot Feldman. Art Comics.
Offbeat color panel. Monday thru Sat. Six week archive. 
Fletcher’s Cave by Michael Chambers.
The daily grind of college life. Most of the humor revolves around not taking relationships or various college-related addictions seriously.  Mon-Fri.  
Foofaraw by Jay Scruggs and Candace Litchford.
This colored daily comic strip presents a somewhat dark and cynical take on life, as seen throught the eyes of animals on the Serengeti (a cheating husband and bird and his bitter wife, a bald lion, a mean-spirited cheetah, and a wise-alec dung beetle). The site features video and animation. Published in 7 east coast papers and on AOL. Updated weekly with 6 new strips. 
For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston. Universal Press Syndicate.   Creator's site.
Good profile of Lynn and the strip's characters. .
Ford, Noel
A gallery of cartoons from a professional English cartoonist.
Fortune St. by Randy McIlwaine.
Fortune St. is a single panel cartoon from Canada featuring a host of off-beat characters populating a slightly skewed version of the world. 
Foxtrot by Bill Amend. Universal Press Syndicate.
Good profile of Bill and the strip's characters. Large archive with strips available on a two week delay. . For an even better time, try the full service site run by Bill himself. 
Fragile Gravity by Barb Fischer and Chris Impink
Fragile Gravity is the adventures of two independent comic book producers on the convention circuit.
Two ‘every man’ characters - with above-it-all, below-it-all perspective. Strip touches on a wide variety of subjects and characters can be manifest as anything, in any time period. Word play, beginning with title, adds extra entertainment value. This is the first site for a syndicated trip to feature characters in 3-D and to offer interactive comics based on strips first published in the newspaper. It also includes largest online database for syndicated property - over 2,000 images which are searchable by keyword and date. Online sales and reprints are coming soon. Additional content includes a caption contest, sweepstakes for readers of each paper, opportunities to win original art, free greeting cards, bulletin boards, animated GIFs, FAQ’s and links to other sites. A portion of any net revenue generated from the site will be donated at the International Museum of Cartoon Art. 
Frankenstudent by Tony Morris.
Offbeat comic strip updated Mon-Thur about what happens when Frankenstein comes to America and enters the third grade. The site also features a single-panel comic updated every Friday.  
Fred by Frank Bouchard.
Fred is the owner of a pen company and he often goes on adventures with his friends.  Bi-weekly.  
Fred Basset by Alex Graham. Associated Newspapers, LTD. Dist. by Tribune Media Services, Inc.
Fred the Bird by Rick Blum.
A funny animal strip that's actually funny.  Did I mention that it won an Ink Link Award from Planet Cartoonist, too?  Occasional. 
Fred the Sailor by Michail Tkaczyk and Carson Demmans.
Fried Society by Chris Kelly.
"A weekly humorous diatribe from sunny LA"
Funky Winkerbean by Tom Batiuk.  King Features Syndicate.
Funnist comics on WWW, The by Joe Huang.
Comics and cartoons about life, politics and everything else.  
Funny Files by Jon Carter.
Tired of cartoons that are just plain stupid?  Funny Files is 31 flavors of stupidity.  (But they're often good -- webmaster's note).  Bi-weekly.  
Funomena Comics by  Gerri Ann Siwek.
The  amazing true stories about the Funomena Mobile Museum of the Weird and Strange exhibit sand world tour.  
Fusco Brothers, The by J. C. Duffy. Universal Press Syndicate.
Fuzzy Things by Jonathan Sario.
Furry Humor with random chaotic plots about a fox and his somewhat extended family, whichever comes first.  Saturdays.  

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