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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter D

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter D.

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Dad and Dorothy by by Midthun/Ildahl/Nordberg.
Daily Cartoon, A by Paul Dlugokencky.
off-the-wall humor of published cartoonist Paul Dlugokencky.  Comic strips, panel cartoons, business cartoons, animations and more!  Weekdays. 
Daily Wildcat Comics Section.
Several student comic strips. Go to the Comics section. M-F.
Dante's Paradise by Yuri Bredle.
Family fun coming straight from the epicenter of middle America.  
Dave's Brain by Dave Hoyle. Gryphon Media.
Far Side-like panel strips. Weekly.  
Davies, Matt
Editorial cartoonist for the Gannett Suburban Newspapers; syndicated by United Feature Syndicate. He says that "much like the angry reader, I like to be provoked into picking up my pen."
Dead Speak, The by Heath Rat Su.
An irreverent poke at comic strips and how we, as Americans, view death and the deceased.  Daily.  E-mail.
Dee Zaster by S. Russ-McCor.
This outrageously off-beat gal would just love to make your acquaintance. Once she has, she’ll drive you insane. 
Deep Fried by Jason Yungbluth.
Sinister and politically WAY incorrect strip about  everything from the issues of the day to mutant Smurfs.
Dela the Hooda by Style Wager & Greg Older.
Dela, a member of a vulpine race from a parallel fantasy/SF universe,has become trapped on Earth (namely an obscure Canadian town named Peabow) and survives the day-to-day perils posed by humanity.  
Dennis The Menace by Hank Katchem.
Deore, Bill
Editorial cartoonist for The Dallas Morning News; syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate.
Deseret News Editorial Cartoonist by Jonathan Brown.
Editorial cartoonist Jonathan Brown skewers national and local intermountain issues from a conservative bent. 
Dexter by Marten Sanden and David Polfeldt.
This daily strip is currently running in "Dagens Nyheter," the largest morning paper in Scandinavia, and several other publications.
Did you know? by NK Particle by Patrick M. Len.
Bi-monthly online comic strip featuring characters Fray Ormandy and Waifer X.  
Digital Pigg by Bill Layne.
A pig and his adventures in cyberspace. Pigg is a cartoon character who is shelved due to his unpopularity. Digitized and living on a hard drive, Pigg and his cartoon cast encounter the internet police, internet gophers and more.  Weekly.
Dilbert Zone by Scott Adams. United Feature Syndicate.
"Dilbert stars as a socially-challenged engineer and his sarcastic dog, Dogbert, whose true calling is to rule the world, since he believes people are basically too stupid to stop him." 
Dinette Set by Julie Larson.  King Features Syndicate.
Dinosaur Cartoons by Charley Parker.
Single panel dinosaur cartoons by Charley Parker, creator of the Argon Zark! online comic. Updated with a new dinosaur cartoon twice a week.  
Dinosaur Rock by Andy Reade.
The comic strip exploits of prehistoric metal-heads.
Dithered Twits by Stan Waling.  Tribune Media Services.
Weekly panel appearing in over 40 college papers. 
dizABLED by Claire Lytle.
dizABLED with Leeder O. Men, Wheelchair Stuntman. 
Doctor Fun by David Farley.
Wacky full color panel strip with a very distinctive "look." This is one of the earliest strips on the Internet, and continues to be one of the best. Today's panel. 
Doghouse, The by Dave Allen.
Aussie cartoonist site with dogs' perspective on life, showing who's boss.  Site also includes link to Funny Business, same creator.  
Dokie The Dog by Tony Ford.
Full-color web comic strip about a dog who lives in a tree & has a DirecTV satellite hook-up. It tells his funny tales and those of his canine pals.  M/W/F. 
Domestic World by Charles Stouff. 
Don Bigote by Anthony Canamucio.
Strip about a "Yankee Doodle Boy" who is married to a "Spicy Senorita", her father and their two kids.  Mon-Fri. 
Don't Be A Dork by Henry Hamma and Craig Harrison
Well drawn monthly single panel comic strip based on ‘The Dork’ and current events. The character from the ‘Ultimate Party Adventure’ board game-Don’t Be A Dork.  
Doonesbury Town Hall by Garry Trudeau. Universal Press Syndicate.
This is an awesome site that really pushes beyond the comic strip itself. 
Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau. Universal Press Syndicate.
A second official site, this one run by Universal Press Syndicate. The side includes a good profile of Gary.
Down to Earth by Gavin Chafin and Steve Wood.
A daily look at 'life' in Hell. If only eternal damnation really was this much fun.  Daily.   
Drabble by Kevin Fagan. United Feauture Syndicate, Inc.
A strip about Norman Drabble, who "is not your typical college student. In fact, the whole Drabble family is anything but typical."  Syndicated daily.
Dragon Tails by Tim Dawson.
The full colour hilarious adventures of eight young dragons, a megalomaniacal squirrel, and a too-smart robot.  Daily.
Dredge, Pete. The Very Idea.
Professional freelance cartoonist, particularly gag cartoons. Cool samples available.
Dr. Iguana's Cartoons by Uwe Oehler, Ph.D.
Panel strips. 
Dry Bones by Yaakov Kirschen.   Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate.
Internationally syndicated editorial cartoon with Israel/Jewish point of view. 
Duplex by Glenn McCoy. Universal Press Syndicate.
Dylan by Rory O’Bannion.
The adventures of a young musician named Dylan who faces the ongoing struggle of gigging, coffee housing and paying the price for being different.  MWF. 
Dysentery by Aaron Granlund.
Anarchistic & psychedelic comic strip starring Frank and Sid drawn fluidly.   Weekly. 
Dystopia Daily Cartoon by Aurelio Santarelli.
Droolingly funny daily cartoons penned by a confessed mental defective. For those suffering from Far Side withdrawal, Dystopia is a cartoon methadone clinic.

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