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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter C

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter C.

Full descriptions for other letters: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-QR-S-T-UV-W-XYZ

Cafe 8 Ball
Interactive strip starring Aunt Rayna and staff at Cafe 8 Ball. 
Cagle's Hawaii Editorial Cartoons by Daryl Cagle.
Weekly editorial cartoons feature focused on events in Hawaii. 
Callahan Online.
Daily offbeat panel.
Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. Universal Press Syndicate.
THE OFFICIAL SITE. Good archive of old strips, plus descriptions of the characters and of Bill Watterson. 
Can They Do That? by Tim Rosenthal.
This is an interesting look at comics which guest star characters from other comics. For example, there is a Beetle Bailey strip with Betty Boop. 
Cappuccino Comic Online by Nathan Lee Castle.
Angst, humour and metaphor abound in tales of everyday life in a nightclub which flies in the sky.  
Captain RibMan by Rich Davis and John Sprengelmeyer.  Tribune Media Services.
Role models are lampooned with edgy humor and unique graphics in Captain RibMan cartoons. America’s Most Wanted Superhero is in campus newspapers.
Caricature Zone by Marie Meunier.
Take a look at 600 caricatures of international stars and explore an easy-to-use method of sketching faces with a few clicks, shockwave games, quizz, cards and much more.  Funny and free!  
CardsUp by Vlad Kolarov.
Hilarious animated e-cards by the award winning cartoonist Vlad Kolarov.  Weekly.  
Carlson, Stuart
Editorial cartoonist for The Milwaukee Sentinel; syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate. 
Cartoon Boy’s Bilious Cartoons by Jon Nilsen.
Cranky editorial cartoons for an era of pinheads by award-winning commie pinko cartoonist Jon Nilsen.  
CARTOONIST PROfiles by Jud Hurd, Editor.
For 30 years, the quarterly CARTOONIST PROfiles has been the only magazine in which currently syndicated comic strip artists tell you how they made themselves successful. Each one reveals his own particular methods of creating characters and humor that will capture the reading public's affections for many years.
Cartoons by Lok by Jeff Lok.
Single panel comic strip that deals with all topics. 3-4 new strips every weekend.   
Cartoon Shop by Andre Noel.
Nice variety of strips and panels at a very attractively designed site. 
CartoonWorld by Mark Wood.
Single panel cartoons.
Cathy by Cathy Guisewite. Universal Press Syndicate.
"As Everywoman of the 90's, Cathy [continually struggles] with the four basic guilt groups: Food, Love, Mother and Career. Cathy, striving to persevere through diets and dating, work and weekends, is a multidimensional character that everyone can relate to--by turns pathetic, empowered, infuriating and lovable." .
Cest The Cop by Mike Carroll Jr.
Astory about San Francisco Police detective, Penny Cest. Brought up in the Orient, she is a master in the martial arts. In The Corvette Killer, a Silicon Valley nerd, Sidney Bekon, implants a microchip in the brain of a former employee of his company, Bekon Microdevices. The chip gives her powers beyond normal human strength. Cruising around in a 1958 Corvette, the blond beauty lures unsuspecting men only to murder them. This was originally produced for The Santa Clara American News in 1986.   
Chadburn, Steve. The Very Idea.
Professional freelance cartoonist. Cool samples available. 
Changing Workplace, The by Oren Otter.
CHARGE!!! by A. Sacui.
An occasional witch, an unpredictable hamster, a mysterious librarian.   
Charlie by Charlie Rodrigues. Tribune Media Services, Inc.
Checkerboard Nightmare by Kristofer Straub.
An egomaniacal comic strip character develops his own comic strip with the help of his lawyer, an established star, and a slightly-homicidal robot.  MWF.  
Christien, Terry. The Very Idea
Professional freelance cartoonist. Cool samples available. 
Chuck Loves The World by Kenten Bowick.
High-schooler Chuck struggles to restrain the mischief and resist the influence of his bizarre animal companions - cruel Ratsputin the rodent, a short-tempered six-foot-tall worm, a sadistic toothy bug, a man-sized virus, and more.  Daily. 
Clan of the Cats by Jamie Robertson.
A web comic strip about a girl who is a witch and her family and friends.   "For Better or Worse" meets "Tales from the Crypt".  Daily.  
Cleft by Rene Baur.
Weekly single panel color cartoons from a fractured mind.
Cloning Around by Dave MacLachlan.
Multi and single panel collection of oddball humor, centering loosely around Slightly Miffed Scientists, genetic engineering, clones, monsters, creatures & mutations.  Monthly.  
Close to Home by John McPherson. Universal Press Syndicate.
Twisted offbeat panel.
Coffee Spill by Kevin Coffee.
The fine art of single-panel cartooning by Kevin Coffee.  Occasional.  
ColdCuts by Tom Wilson.
Digital creations that depict all walks of life and represent humor from a warped angle.   
College Roomies from Hell!!! by Maritza Campos.
Online-only comic strip. Not really about college. This strip features three strangers living together and trying not to strangle each other. Both surrealist and silly.  
Committed by Michael Fry. United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
"Committed is an irreverent comic panel about modern family life when both parents work, kids rule and the house is an absolute mess." 
Common Place by David Wehunt.
Daily life in a small college town located roughly somewhere in the middle of nowhere...
The Commuter by Paul Adam.
The skewed view of college life as only a commuting student can convey.
Compu-toon by Charles Boyce. Universal Press Syndicate/ gocomics.com
Computtoons by John Zakour.
A great site with a new computer cartoon every week day since June of 1994. Has won several Internet awards.
Conrad by Peter Sproule Conrad.
Cartoons, games, portfolio, more.  Weekly.  
Cooper Toons by Chip Cooper.
Single panel cartoon with topics that include and often confuse science, technology, business, and even the Old American West.  Mon-Fri.  
Coplu Art Studio-Cartoons by Orhan Coplu and Gulhan Gulsun.
Humorous works, cartoons and caricatures on universal subjects which concern people, such as - politics, computers, tourism, golf, air planes, environment, alienation, and love.  
Corn Valley by Eric Bezdek.
An orgasmic load of independent editorial comic strips somewhere from the left of the left. Corn Valley has appeared in about a dozen newspapers and magazines nationwide.
Cornered by Baldwin. Universal Press Syndicate.
Very funny offbeat panel. There's also a site run by the cartoonist himself.
Covert Cartoons by David P. Maresh .
Covert Cartoons provides W3 surfers with humorous, provocative, exotic, entertaining cartoons for free! Rated G for general audiences. Monthly. Large archive.
Cowpokes by Ace Reid.
Laugh with Jake and Zeb while you follow through some of the funniest predicaments that could happen to working cowpokes. See them come out on top in spite of rough country, sagging fences, jug-head horses, and worn out pickups. Add a few bankers, horse traders and fed-up wives, and you've got great laughs for everyone. 
CoyoteVille by Steven Graziano.
*NOT* just another funny animal strip, Highly irrelevant, it’s got: Tamagochi’s that want to rule the world, Existential Lizards, zen master cow-skulls, sacred cows and their consequences, and in between all of this is the lead character, Sean O’Desse. 
Cran & Lerma by Nik Scott. Sydney Morning Herald.
Cran and Lerma is a cynical but non threatening web orientated strip. Each week, Lerma explores new net fads and fashions etc. It's funny! Weekly. Nik has been working as a professional cartoonist freelancer in Australia for the last ten years. His work appears in magazines, newspapers and textbooks. 
Crankshaft by Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers. King Feature Syndicate.
Crew, The by Andy Moore.
Strip about a group of students and their misadventures in college. 
Crock by Bill Rechin & Don Wilder.  King Features Syndicate.
Culture Bytes by Michael Baumgarten.
Binaries are electrical creatures that spend their entire life inside the computer. Their world is digital and their universe follows its hard laws of physics. On is on and off is off, and although the 0's and 1's may need each other, they should not socialize. It should go without saying, that running the program "on-off, on-off" is taboo.  Weekly.  
Curiosities by Chuck Donner.   Curiosities Greeeting Cards.
Panel cartoon showing what can happen when the synapses misfire in a cartoonists brain.
Curtis by Ray Billingsley.  King Features Syndicate.
Curtoons by Curtis D. Tucker.
A single panel cartoon about the adventures of a bunch of Squirts and their views on life.  MWF.  
Cyberdork by Frank Gapinski.
An animated strip about a cranky Web surfer.

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