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Comic Strips Starting with the Letter B

This page gives a full description of all comic strips starting with the letter B.

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B.C. by Johnny Hart. Creators Syndicate, Inc.
B.C., an award-winning comic strip started in 1958 by  Johnny Hart, uses a stone-age setting and cast of characters to poke fun at the trials and tribulations of modern-day life. The strip has been the inspiration for a variety of different productions, including animated television specials and even a computer game.
Babbles by Kelly J. Koome
A gallery of single panel cartoons highlighting the peculiar side to life. It is drawn with a minimum of line and text.
Back Forward Comics by Will Ferret.
In the spirit of comics such as Bloom County, Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert, Pogo and Peanuts.  Daily.  E-mail.
Backing Out of the Outback by Marc Leveille.
Furry melodrama about a family of Australian dingoes who move to America.  Designed to be funny but is geared towards late teenagers.  Contains mature themes. Saturday.  
Badlands by Steve McGarry.
By the popular British cartoonist, Badlands runs in the London Sun,  the largest English-speaking newspaper in the world, as well as many other pubs.  Daily.  
Bachelor Party by Adam Millar.  Creators Syndicate.
BAG news by Michael Shaw.
Daily editorial cartoon with a liberal slant.  It's design is a hybrid between a newspaper, a traditional editorial cartoon, and a paper bag.
Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen.  Creators Syndicate.
It's a look at Middle America through a sometimes warped but always funny prism. Meet Dottie and Will Farrington, the neighborhood skipping afficionados. Or Millie, who earnestly lectures the naughty person inside herself. People are strange.
Banana Cream Pie Comics by John Berry.
Offbeat panel.
Barclay, U.S.A. by Rick Zawadzki.
The exploits of Josh, as he constantly torments naive 5 year old  Ronco; also, the adventures of his friends Rick and Trey.  Semi-weekly.   Some offensive language.
Barely Human by Raymond Branch.
About a family of bears adapting to life as human beings.  Nobody knows they are really bears, even though they do a poor job of keeping their identities a secret, just stopping short of directly telling them who they really are.  Mon-Fri.  
Barney Google and Snuffy Smith by Fred Laswell.  King Features Syndicate.
Bastich by Joshua Adam Hart.
Student strip about the geek lifestyle, with a focus on computers and science fiction.   
Batetoon by Scott Bateman. National Student News Service.
Good page with animation, editorial cartoons, and a panel strip. 
Bear Minimum The by Liam Collins and John Davis.
A weekly strip centered around two bears and their friends.  
The Beluga was, after all, Just a Big Tease by Stefano Baratti.
Humorous single panel cartoons derived from different sources, drawn in color and detailed renderings.    Daily.  E-mail.
Belvedere by George Crenshaw.  Johansen International Features.
A daily cartoon panel about a mischievous little dog.  Daily. 
Ben by Daniel Shelton.  United Feature Syndicate.
Benson, Steve
Editorial cartoonist for The Arizona Republic; syndicated by United Feature Syndicate four times weekly. This 1993 Pulitzer Prize winner "cuts across ideological boundaries, offering readers well-informed, unpredictable opinions." 
Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker.  King Features Syndicate.
The Better Half by Randy Glasbergen (Personal Site).  King Features Syndicate. 
Betty by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen. Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc.
Family strip.
Between Friends by Sandra Bell-Lundy.  King Features Syndicate. 
Bigfoot Country by Mark S. Smith.
The merry misadventures of four woodland creatures.
Big Head’s Amazing Comic Strip Adventure Game! by Steven Griffin.
This site combines comic strips and adventure gaming to make an innovative internet first: the Comic Strip Adventure Game!  Playing Big Head, your mission is to win a bizarre scavenger hunt competition and the prize of all prizes-- George Lucas’ stuffed cat! In the style of the Lucasarts and Sierra comedy adventure games. 
Big Nate by Lincoln Pierce. United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
Big Nate is a little kid who makes big trouble.
Bill And Hillary Funnies by Gregg Hungerford.
Photos of the First-Family superimposed on other photos in not-so-flattering fashion.
Bill Clinton in the 21st Century by   Mike Mikula. 
A look at our, and our president's, not-too-distant future.  
Bizarro by Dan Piraro. King Features Syndicate. 
BizToons by Jennifer Lopez.
Working in the heinous high-tech arena for career girl Jennie and her office cat Mosh.  Weekly. 
Blondie by Dean Young and Dennis.  King Features Syndicate.
Bloom County by Berke Breathed.
Bloom County and its cousin Outland were among the most successful comic strips of the last 15 years. The following are a few of the many tribute pages.
Opus and Bloom County compiled by Brett Spedale.
Links, pictures etc. 
Bob & Bella by Steven Shryock.
Offbeat humor featuring two bats.
Bob the Angry Flower by Stephen Notley.
A comic strip about a flower with a bad attitude. 
Bobby Ruckles by Bebe Williams. Art Comics Syndicate
The comic book character and Winner of the Xeric Award is now a daily in serialized fashion. After serialization, the stories are reconstructed as on-line comic books.
Bones, The
BookNuts written by Rebecca Haddad; drawn by Mel Sherman.
BookNuts is a cartoon of literary and social satire about book lovers who work and congregate at "Ye Olde Local Book Shoppe."   
Borgman, Jim
Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for The Cincinnati Enquirer; syndicated by King Features Syndicate. "If the crowd starts leaning one way, I instinctively lean the other way." His goal is "firing up the American Debate."  
Born Loser by Art and Chip Sansom. Newspaper Enterprise Association, Inc.
A strip about the lovable loser, Brutus Thornapple and his cast of foils.  Syndicated daily. 
Braz, the Discoverer by Sinfronio Neto and Jose Paulo.
BRAZ is a Portuguese navigator who lives at the same time as Columbus and has his adventures while at the sea where he works to support his family (wife and a pet fish) or occasionally on shore when he gets involved with something while returning home after another fruitless expedition. He is a typical sailor at the time of the great discoveries who feels frustrated for not being as successful as his rivals, Columbus, Cabral and Vespucio. Having to deal with a highly unruly crew, he is often involved in quarrels with his men, in his efforts to succeed with his expeditions. His lieutenant is a seaman named ‘Mend’ who manages to do everything contrary to his master’s orders causing in this way the worst disturbances.
Living at a time of great feats and plagued by myths and superstitions, he blindly believes that the earth has a square shape, and the seas, with their terrible monsters, end at one of the corners. The Braz Cartoon draws a line between the events that are taking place today in Brazil and the hero’s adventures in the ‘Terra Braziles’ that he discovered and tries to govern with all the problems well known to us all.  Daily.
Broomhilda by Russell Myers.  Tribune Media Services, Inc.
Bruno by C. Baldwin. Tupshin Solutions.
The life and travesties of a College age woman named Bruno, her cat, family, friends, and lovers. Some stronger material.  Mon-Sat.  
Bruno the Bandit by Ian McDonald.
Swords and sorcery (and satire) comic strip. Think of it as a cross between The Lord of the Rings and The Simpsons.  
Brute Squad Experience by Ryan Abbott and Jason Kunkel.
Student strip giving humorous parodies of 1970's, 80's, and 90's pop culture, among other things.... Bi-Weekly.
Buckles by David Gilbert.  King Features Syndicate.
Buckets, The by Scott Stantis. Hosted by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
A strip about the trials of family life. Syndicated daily. 
Bugbots: The Mansect Rebellion! by Gerry Mooney.
An online-only, sci-fi action adventure strip about a race of half-insect, half-human mutants called Mansects, exiled from Earth by a fearful humanity, and now locked in a war on their new planet, Arthropoda! 
Bughouse by Michael Frazier.
Single panel cartoon in the Gary Larson/Gahan Wilson/Charles Addams tradition, updated monthly. 
Business Cartoons by Ted Goff.
Goff's cartoon catalog contains over 300 business and safety cartoons, searchable by topic or keyword. Ted Goff is adding his new work as he creates it, so the catalog will continue to grow. His cartoons have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, and many other magazines.
Buster by Frank Bernard.
Formerly "Funny as a Crutch."
Buzz the Fly by Steve Ward. Hosted by the Rendering Plant.
The nasty life of a fly and his friends. Available MWF.  
Buzzboy Adventures Daily! by John Gallagher and Craig Rinehart.
 Buzzboy (The World’s Most Upbeat Super Hero) is a FREE daily online and email- based comic strip ( www.buzzboy.net ).   Written on two levels (both adults and kids),  it has something for everyone, in the story of a former teen sidekick and his strange battle to save the world.   Action, humor, and overall weirdness.  MWF. 
By & Large by Vladimir Kolarov.
Panel syndicated worldwide. A few samples are available.

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