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There are a number of museums and libraries with strong comic art collections. The following selection includes all online resources from these institutions. Also, there are listings for several exceptional institutions without a web presence.

Cartoon Art Museum
The Cartoon Art Museum is dedicated to cartoon art.  The actual museum is hosts various exhibits, including a recent Peanuts retrospective with over 150 pieces of original strip art, animation, and other memorabilia. Located in San Francisco.
The Ohio State University Cartoon Art Research Library
This is the United State's premier cartoon research library. "The primary collecting mission of the library is to develop comprehensive holdings documenting the history of American newspaper and magazine cartoons. Original works and related manuscript materials are available, in addition to more than 10,000 books and other published works on cartoon art." Holds the Festival of Cartoon Arts triennially; next in 1998. Exhibitions are held regularly.
Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia run by Richard Halegua, Museum Director.
Visit this extensive encyclopedic reference to the comic world, from it's meager beginings to today's dynamic media culture. Histories, biographies of artists and others involved in the field, news on the field today and other information pertinent to the aquisition of knowledge about comic art. The director goal is for this to be a virtual encyclopedia to the world of comics, comic art, comic artists and comic history. 
International Museum of Cartoon Art
Michigan State University Libraries: Special Collections Division; Comics Art Collection by Randall W. Scott. 
This great comics library has a very strong comic strip collection, which is described as follows: "The centerpiece of the comic strip collection is a set of 534 hand-made scrapbooks containing over 300,000 carefully organized daily comic strips, dating from about 1940 to about 1980. A separate collection of over 100,000 daily comic strips is clipped and sorted by topic. Almost every known book collection of reprinted American comic strips is included in the collection.
Swann Collection of Caricature and Cartoon (The Library of Congress)
The remarkable Swann Collection and other cartoon art collected by the Library of Congress span four centuries. The collection includes both United States and foreign material in many cartoon-related categories: political prints, contemporary caricatures, cartoons, comic strips, printed satires and caricatures, comic books, illustrated satirical journals, and comic ephemera. This collection and Ohio State University's Cartoon Research Library are the two best resources in the United States for research on cartoon art. Contact: Bernard Reilly.
Words & Pictures Museum

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